Thursday, February 19, 2009

Essex Power Boats & Nautical Thunder Magazine

To ensure the highest level of quality in every Essex product, every part is rigorously tested during each step of the production process.
Once construction is complete, our products go through another series of tests to ensure each part is working properly. Finally, the completed model is tested as a whole to ensure the best results.
Interesting in learning more about one of our custom boat models? To your right is our Showroom where you can see our boats at their best. If you're interested in details, simply click on a link below for corresponding model specs.

960 W. Brooks st. Ontario, Ca 91762Phone (909) 983-4566

Nautical Thunder Magazine .com is in its fourth year in existance.
We are in an All Out Effort to help the Boat Manufacturers that supported Nautical Reflections boat cleaner and wax (in it's 14th year in existance), to aid in producing boats sales in a Volatile Economy.

There has always been strength in unity and now is the perfect time for U.S. American Manufacturing Companies to survive.

This is why we are donating our time and money to support all the boat manufacturers that we can and have known throughout the years from manufacturing and selling Nautical Reflections boat wax.

By designing and building these blogs which link directly to each specific boat manufacturers web site, we hope to create additional sales and support.

Readers that wish to support Nautical Thunder Magazine .com can Donate to our cause.


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